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    While details are sparse, news broke today of reports out of Taiwan claiming success in the captive propagation of the Hepatus Blue Tang, Paracanthurus hepatus. *This species has been “rumored” to have been captive bred for many years, but historically these purportedly “captive bred” fish always wind up being what we’d call “tank-raised”; small juveniles harvested from the wild, acclimated, sometimes barely even grown, and then shipped out.

    The news, published on the Taiwan Today, broke rather matter of factly – “An associate researcher at the Fisheries Research Institute’s Eastern Marine Biology Research Center has succeeded in artificially breeding the popular aquarium fish paracanthurus hepatus, or blue surgeonfish.” *Ho Yuan-hsing, presumed leader of this project, relayed that they hope to see larger scale production within a year’s time. *The magic-bullet for the captive rearing of these tangs? *Not a copepod as many would have suspected, but another lesser-considered option — an undisclosed ciliate.

    Sadly, we may not be learning the secrets to captive breeding of tangs from these efforts. *Taiwan news reported that “Ho said he expects the blue surgeonfish to contribute to Taiwan’s ornamental fish industry, especially when Taiwan has the propriety breeding technology.” *Won’t be very proprietary if they give away their secrets.

    Of course, the skeptical reefer in us still says “show us the proof”, and hopefully that proof is not simply a slew of juvenile tangs. *No, we’d really like to see a full larval-to-juvenile photo series please! *Afterall, this reported success may very well be the long-awaited first true success in captive breeding a Tang or Surgeonfish of any species.

    Thanks Edgar for bringing this one to our attention!

    [via Taiwan Today]

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