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    The aptly named ReefToys has released some teasers about their forthcoming crop of new media and zeolite reactor designs. Considering that a typical media reactor is a simple tube with water going in one end and out the other, the ReefToys new Blue and Red reactors are loaded with much more than that.

    The plethora of tubes, hose, fittings, chambers and other little details of the Red and Blue ReefToys reactors are a little confusing, it’s hard to know exactly what is going on there. As the name implies, there’s a little bit of indulgent acrylic-smithing involved in these two devices but as the video clearly shows, it does result in some well churned medias that are turned over very well yet don’t appear to*necessarily require that much water flow-through.

    ReefToys will be releasing two different media reactor sizes, the ReefToys Red reactor which can hold 2 liters of media, primarily Biopellets, with a recirculating flow between 300 and 1100 gph. Meanwhile the ReefToys Red reactor can hold 4 liters of media, with a flow rate of 350 to 1450 gph and both models can be retrofitted to do zeolite media.

    The two new Red and Blue media reactors are slated for a release in January 2014. Judging by the number of parts and fittings involved with these recirculating reactor designs, they probably won’t be cheap but as the company name implies, these are*Reef Toys after all. [The Reef Toys]


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