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    ReefToys’ new adjustable baffles are a novel concept in marine aquarium husbandry which allows even the least experienced reefer to piece together a sump from a tank. You might be thinking that it’s relatively easy enough to silicone glass or acrylic sections into an aquarium to create a sump but placing the baffles is not their only trick.

    Since these baffles are adjustable you can also re-place them anywhere you want fairly easily, an idea which seems primed to be incorporated into a mass-produced aquarium sump. ReefToys’ adjustable baffles are all a nominal 12 inches wide, adjusting to between 11.75 and 12.25 inches wide and secured into place through the use of four screws.

    These new adjustable baffles are available in red, blue and clear acrylic, ya know to match your sump’s style and all, and they vary in height from 5, 7, 9 and 11 inches tall. As they are the baffles can be used to create separate sections within a sump, although we’re not sure how watertight they are with the walls of the aquarium glass. Now if ReefToys could come up with an adjustable baffle that can vary both its width and its height, then you truly would be able to build a transforming sump.

    The prices for the adjustable baffles range from $31 to $41 and are available to order from the ReefToys website.

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