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8 May 2007
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Once upon a time, there could be a great time delay between when an aquarium product was released to the public, and when that product actually came to your local fish stores. With the lighting speed of information and manufacturers, dealers and hobbyists all quickly getting on the same page, it is now possible for aquarists all over the world to quickly get their hands on the latest and greatest aquarium gadgets. is one of the premier vendors of high performance reef aquarium gear in Canada. For the last four years Reef Supplies has been striving to supply reef aquarists all over the Great White North with the best reef aquarium products at affordable prices, and with quickness.


Reef Supplies’ Ray and Johnny have been working together in online sales since 2001 and four years ago they saw an opportunity to bridge the availability gap between American and Canadian reefers.With Canada having about a tenth the population of the U.S., and just a touch less than all of California, there’s always been more incentive for vendors to make products available to reef hobbyists in the United States first.

Historically this has led bleeding edge Canadian reefers to turn to American suppliers for their newest Innovative marine gadgets, Octopus Skimmers, Kessil AP700, or Neptune controllers. This is where Reef Supplies comes in, as they do their best to source these bleeding edge products, many of which appear on Reef Builders first, and to make them available to their customers in a timely manner.


Now we all know some vendors who will put up preorder pages for products that haven’t even shipped yet, and then when they finally do have them for sale they will quickly sell out and leave their customers hanging. As hobbyists themselves, Reef Supplies actually keeps a really good degree of products in house, and they pride themselves on pushing incoming orders out the door most of the time on the very same day.

Having a steady supply of products and getting these to their customers in a timely manner is only part of the battle for Canadian aquarium product dealers. Due to the constant dance of the exchange rate between U.S. and Canadian dollars, there’s always some kind of uncertainty about what products priced in American dollars should cost in Loons.


This is yet another aspect of Reef Supplies that truly shines, as they really strive to offer reef aquarium products at affordable prices, and they will even absorb some of the currency fluctuations when it means they can give even better service to their customers.

If you’re a reef hobbyist living in Canada and you’ve been considering where to get that next Apex, Kessil, Vertex device or if you’re looking for some no-nonsense additives in bulk, Reef Supplies has got you covered with great fill rates, and extremely speedy deliveries. Professional reefers can even look to for wholesale marine aquarium products, and they will understand what you need because they know what they sell, as they own and operate a brick and mortar retail store of their own. ReefSupplies.CA



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