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    This Saturday March 12th Reef Builders will be presenting the fourth annual ReefStock conference. ReefStock is a fully rounded conference with lots of captive raised corals for sale, all the latest and greatest products, experienced reef aquarium speakers and an enormous raffle. Since this is a Reef Builders event, ReefStock is going to be the launching pad for many exciting new products, many of which will be building on the success of previous new products also launched at ReefStock. Central Colorado has a long history of a thriving progressive reef scene and the professional coral growers will show you how they do it in the Mile High City.

    Matt Wandell of the Steinhart Aquarium, Sharon Ram of Red Sea and Julian Sprung of The Reef Aquarium will all be giving top notch presentations which will go way beyond simple photo slideshows and fragging demonstrations. The 2011 ReefStock speakers have meat-and-potatoes talks which won’t let you leave the room without learning something about reef aquariums that you didn’t expect. Finally, a reef aquarium show wouldn’t be complete without a raffle of exciting aquarium products and this year the raffle is so big we’re doing it three times. And let’s not forget, ReefStock is going down in the Nautilus Ballroom of the Denver Downtown Aquarium which features some impressive and mature exhibits including a 5,000 gallon reef tank, falcifer butterflyfish, Spawning Unicorn tangs, and many others which are all worth seeing.

    If you don’t live in Colorado or a neighboring state, have no fear because we’re pulling out the big guns to cover this show. Keep it locked to for lots of pictures of ReefStock, coverage of all the new products and the Mr. Saltwater Tank TV film crew is also joining the fun.
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