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8 May 2007
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The ReefRack from Innovative Marine is a new accessory in the Auqa Gadget line which features three new devices to display your prized miniature coral frags. The ReefRack will come in three sizes, a ReefRack 50, a ReefRack 102 and a magnetic ReefRack 32.

Once upon a time, the ‘goal’ of the marine aquarium hobby was to truly recreate a mini reef aquarium, and to make reef tanks look like slices of nature. There’s always been offshoots of the marine aquarium hobby, but now more than ever reefers are buying, trading, propagating, growing and collecting FRAGS.

You’ve probably seen countless reef tanks that have a beautiful reefscape that is marred only by a few loosely placed frags in the sand or on the rocks. Frag racks have been around ever since we began fragging, and the Innovative Marine ReefRack is just the latest refinement of this concept.

The basic ReefRack 50 and 102 are three-tiered platforms for displaying your coral frags, while the ReefRack 32 has just two tiers and a magnetic holder for attaching to the glass. What makes the ReefRack unique is the sliding platforms that erupt from both the sides and the front of the devices to give users much flexibility in how their corals are displayed or mounted on the frag rack.

The ReefRack 32 is magnetically mounted and holds up to 32 frag plugs

[See image gallery at] The ReefRack 50 and 102 are built out of laser cut acrylic with lots of holes in their supporting structure to allow water to flow easily through them, and their wide bases make them easily sit on the floor of the aquarium, either in bare or sandy bottoms. Both the ReefRack 32, 50 and 102 have more holes than their model number suggests, since not all holes will be usable at the same time. The ReefRack 32 will be able to hold 32 frags at a time, 50 frags for the ReefRack 50, while the ReefRack 102 can hold just a pair over a hundred frag plugs.

The ReefRack 50 measures approximately five inches cubed when all the trays are retracted, and up to 9 by 11 inches in occupied volume when all the sliding trays are fully deployed. The ReefRack 102 has a footprint of 10 by 5.5 inches in its compact mode, and stretches all the way out to 21.5 by 9 inches with all the trays slid out.

The ReefRack 50 rests on the bottom and holds up to 50 frag plugs

[See image gallery at] The ReefRack 32 attaches to the glass and doesn’t have a footprint per se, but it’s 4 by 8 inches closed up, and 5 by 12 inches with all the trays revealed. The ReefRack 50 will cost $49.99, while the magnetic ReefRack 32 and the standard ReefRack 102 will both retail for $69.99 .

The ReefRack 50 and 102 are neat in their sliding frag rack form factor, coral frag enthusiasts always need more room to place frags, and for this these multi-story frag racks will do a great job of standing in as Frag condominiums. However, the magnetic ReefRack 32 which attaches to the glass and demands no real estate on the bottom of the tank is the real stand-out in the new trio of frag holders.

The ReefRack 102 also rests on the bottom and this frag condominium can house more than 100 coral frags

[See image gallery at] The real aim of the three ReefRack models is to give coral collectors and frag junkies the most flexible device for displaying corals in a dedicated aquarium, or alongside the main reef display, they even have holes on the back for horizontally growing corals. We can’t wait to see how reefers will put the ReefRacks to use and how much more captive culturing this new device will promote for the hobby. See them at MACNA this weekend in the Innovative Marine booth where the ReefRacks will enjoy their first public display.

How to Showcase Corals like a BOSS - The ReefRack - Innovative Marine - YouTube
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