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    Reefing is a truly global hobby and its exciting to see products from all over including ReeFlowers line of aquatic products. The Turkish company produces a wide range of additives for saltwater, freshwater, planted tanks, ponds and terrariums, but its the saltwater ones that capture our attention.

    The ReeFlowers products range from salts to complex and simple balling additives, all the way to trace elements, and additives for coloration. Touting purity and formulation for reef aquariums, these seem similar to other products on the market. When we are on the ground at Interzoo, we’ll get the full rundown of these products and see what are some unique differences.

    For example, the ReeFlowers has a four-part ‘balling’ set of additives in both liquid and powder form. Instead of a two- or three-part process, they include a kH blend (part A), calcium (part B), magnesium (part C), and ionic balancer and trace elements (part D) in the liquid form and ionic mineral salt in the dry form.

    The company’s coloration additives for corals are taking a nod from the approach Red Sea and others have taken, targeting specific pigmentation. The B-Color targets pinks, purples and blues, while the F-Color targets the yellows, reds and greens.

    These products are available in Turkey and in the UK.

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