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    Not content to just be slinging generic Chinese black box LEDs anymore, Reefkoi has teamed up with an OEM to take the same basic concept and kick it up a notch. What once was the Evolution LED with a brigade of one watt LEDs in a couple colors and channels is now the EvoLED with a small army of two watt LEDs, with two shades each of white and blue and totally dimmable. The new EvoLED will make its debut at MACNA this weekend at the ReefKoi booth where it will show off its longer eight foot cord, new custom housing and onboard dimming knobs.

    evoled-50-watt-led-300x244.gif The Evo LED will carry the same two year warranty and the eight inch wide lights will come in 50, 100, 150 and 200 watt models which will cost $219, $309, $399 and $499 respectively – the same price as the previous versions of the non-dimmable Evolution LED. The use of* both cool and neutral white LEDs, 450 and 460nm blue LEDs ought to impart the Evo LED the most color rendition of any entry-level LED and the $4 to $2.50 per watt of diversified and dimmable LEDs is going to be a hard value for other manufacturers to beat. The use of numerous LEDs with only the primary optic will give the Evo a nice even distribution without the fear of creating hotspots that some corals can’t take. The two hundred dollar, 50 watt Evo LED is too cute and it’s sure to be in very high demand for use over nano reef displays.

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