Reefing from Afar, Part 5: Plans and Wishes for the Future

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8 May 2007
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Finally, we have come to the end of my series, where I will set out some future desires of mine that are totally nonexistent today or are very close to market. These are the holes in my system for which I currently have no automated solution. This allows me to further innovate on my own ... [Read More]

I would love to add the tank downstream of my sump so every time I perform a water change, it automatically fills the quarantine tank with freshly used water.

Problem with this is the stagnant water in the connection pipes. If you do the water change once a week, the water would stand still in those pipes for a week. Although the idea sounds great, you must ensure that the pipes drain completely after the water change.

And this is what I do but manually. I use the old water from the display water change to do water changes for the quarantine systems.
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