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    ReefGrow is a growing aquarium supplement and additive company that has a different approach to reef supplements. By eliminating water from their supplements they reduce the weight and packaging to reduce costs. Although the company has been out for a few years, we haven’t taken a close look at them. That said, with the feedback they have received online, it is worth taking a look at the company.

    First off they grabbed us with their philosophy of why charge you for water when most hobbyists who are dosing or supplementing their aquariums are already using RO/DI water.

    The second point that grabbed our attention was the need to keep a stable ionic balance in your aquarium, but because every system is different a broad supplementation program isn’t always the best solution. Two-part dosing systems and others that have been around the hobby work for some, but not everyone.

    According to the website, ReefGrow allows you more control over the chemical makeup of your system by making sure you don’t too much of one element that can throw everything out of whack. Its all about control of your system and reaching the goal of stable ionic balance.

    ReefGrow has three categories of products — supplements, additives and media (GFO and carbon). The supplements come in a few categories. Major ions like calcium, buffering for pH, potassium and magnesium. Some specifically targeted for coloration like ferrous iron, iodine and manganese. Strontium for ‘bone density’ and bromide for polyp extension.

    The additives are pretty intriguing and could be a good entry point for many hobbyists looking at the ReefGrow system since these deal with more of the common headache issues we face in the hobby — algae, RTN, first aid for fish and corals, etc.

    ReefGrow RTN Destroyer is one that might be worth giving a look as we are often left scratching our heads when we suffer RTN or STN. Nobody knows exactly why this happens, but as ReefGrow points out it gives your corals a fighting chance. It looks to be a blend of all natural elements necessary for tissue repair and growth.

    Another interesting product is ReefGrow First Aid for Fish that is a blend of amino acids, minerals and halogens in levels that are safe for the rest of your tank. The company has a new product they teased this week called ReefGrow Defense to battle parasites and hitchhikers. As they promote the product, “No more oils, pine-sol smells or pesticides, only elements found in seawater in the correct ratios to kill unwanted pests such as flatworms and bristle worms!”

    We will certainly be keeping a closer eye on ReefGrow and would love to hear about your experiences with these products in the comments below.
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