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    We couldn’t help but tease upstart t-shirt vendor Reef Tees after their plea via a blog post to get some coverage on Reef Builders via a blog post (see yesterday’s t-shirt inspired post) but we figured we’d give this guy a plug for being creative. As we mentioned in the post yesterday, we are always looking for cool hobby related t-shirts and Reefer Tees does have a small selection of shirts but they are worth a look.

    From a simple text-only “Reefer” shirt to a cartoonish “Tang Police” t-shirt and a few in between, there is probably something you’d like to wear to the next frag swap and also support reef conservation while you are at it. We applaud the designs and getting something very hobby centric to the masses and will definitely keep an eye out for new shirt designs.

    Reefer-Straight-Tee_grande-257x300.png While their shirt designs may not be for everyone, there are some pretty cool designs including a great design of the “Reefer” slogan with a joint inspired coral landscape (we’re sure we all have gotten a strange look when we describe ourselves as reefers at some point).

    Another great aspect they have done is tying in support for an environmental non-profit. For every shirt sold, Reefer Tees will donate $1 to support Reef Check in their endeavor to create awareness and protect the reefs of our world. As they mention on the site, the Reef Check Foundation is an international non-profit organization dedicated to conservation of two ecosystems: tropical coral reefs and California rocky reefs. So make sure you drop by, check out their shirts and tell them Reef Builders sent you.
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