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8 May 2007
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As LED manufacturers are slowing down the iteration of their LED light fixtures’ form factor, other companies are stepping in to add a little spice to the new status quo. We’ve seen third party acrylic mounting solutions from Aquarium Specialty, from LSS Japan, from Fluid Designers, and a new player is now adding some class to ReefBrite LED strips.

A new company called Marine Design recently made a strong showing in ReefAPalooza New York with some simple yet swanky mounting arms for ReefBrite LED striplights. Despite what we said about preferring the new fixture over a slew of different strips, the new mounting solution from Marine Design shows that stacking LED striplights in multiples such as this shows great promise in overall presentation factor for reef tanks.

The all-clear coral display of TFT Distributors

Cherry Corals was all in for these classy looking mounting arms for displaying their corals with nothing but two foot ReefBrite LED strips. Even TFT Distributors had a really retro-futuristic looking booth through the use of these clear mounting arms and AquaClear power filters.

Nevermind the fact that five of these striplights would cost users over $800 before even factoring in the cost of the acrylic mounting arms. The point is that there is a lot of room for the Acrylic manufacturers to explore and experiment with new ways of mounting well established lights, and other aquarium equipment and accessories too!

Even if Ecotech Marine, AquaIllumination and Kessil all have offerings for mounting solutions for their lights, these are not necessarily one-size-fits-all, even if they worked very hard to create a product that tries to be for all applications.


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