RSS ReefBrite LED controller features manual and 0-10v adjustment

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    For the legions of fans of ReefBrite’s classic and new XHO ReefBrite LED strips, a new box is on the way to help you get some fine tuned lighting control. The ReefBrite controller is a simple box with a high quality actinic-blue LCD display with a single heavy duty metal*potentiometer*on the face. A voltage input on the rear connects to any basic 0-10 volt input such as the breakout box of Apex, Digital Aquatics, GHL and many other aquarium controllers. When using the ReefBrite COntroller we found the manual adjustment via the knob was extremely responsive with many fine steps for every watt displayed by the onboard LCD. ReefBrite expects to ship the controller with a retail price of just $69 and it will will be plug and play with all ReefBrite LED strips.
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