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    ReefBrite is beefing up its Halide Hybrid upgrading the LED panels to the new ReefBrite XHO LED striplights. The upgraded ReefBrite Halide Hybrid uses the same standard metal halide pendant with the highly-polished aluminum reflector and ability to use anywhere from a 70W to 400W metal halide bulb but now with more LED power on each 15 in. LED strip flanking the pendant. The previous version used two six-LED strips but with the more powerful XHO series, the total number of LEDs is doubled. Each 15 in. strip packed in with 12 3W LEDs in ReefBrite’s special blended board with a 50/50 mix of blue and royal blue LEDs. Even though the lights contain 3W LEDs, ReefBrite drives them lower — a little over 1W per LED — increasing efficiency and longevity of the diodes. The new ReefBrite Halide Hybrid combo ships with the pendant, two blue 15 in. XHO strips and LED power supply, you just need to supply the metal halide ballast. MSRP for the pendant is $379 and should be available in the next few weeks.
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