Reef Zones and Turbelle ELECTRONIC Stream Pump

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    TUNZE aims not to produce the most powerful pumps, but to reproduce current situations which are present also in various reef zones. Each zone is represented in examples of reefs with the appertaining types of pump.

    There are various zones but today I shall concentrate on :-

    Inner reef edge
    Reef top
    Outer reef edge
    Outer reef slope

    The TUNZE 6105 Turbelle Electronic Stream Pump is perfect for the above zones.

    The inner reef edge current is influenced by tidal action, but low lapping waves. Illumination is very important in this zone and produces magnificent growth of corals.

    The reef top current is influenced by tidal action and breaking of waves. The growth of coral is very dense in this zone.

    The outer reef edge zone has the strongest current, waves and illumination are very intensive. Acropora coral polyps, favia corals, porites hard corals all thrive especially well in this zone.

    The outer reef slope has slight waves and high illumination, the variety of species and the number of hard corals here are very high.

    TUNZE 6105 Turbelle Electronic Stream Pump for aquariums 200 -2 000 litres with a flow rate of 3 000 - 13 000 l/hr. Energy consumption max. 28 W.

    What makes the Turbelle Electronic Stream pumps an unbeatable combination of flow and versatility, is that both of these can be completely controlled so that the optimum conditions of a specific reef zone can be achieved. The direction of the flow can be specifically pointed in any direction due to the 3D adjustment available, with the magnet holder supplied as standard with the pump, this means it can be placed anywhere on the glass pane. Your flow rate can be adjusted by adding a 7096 or a 7095 Multi Controller which would give you full control of the wave action, flow and power in your aquarium.

    There is no other pump that can give you so much control over the aquarium environment that you are trying to create.

    Cheers Anita

    PS Price for 6105 TUNZE Turbelle Electronic Pump R3160.97 incl.
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