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8 May 2007
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High end, overbuilt reef sumps are all the rage and this trend has not been lost on Spanish aquarium outfit, Reef Water. Reef Water’s Seadreams remote filtration sumps are no mere sumps, but complete reef aquarium management centers which are fully integrated into the stand of the tank they support.

The Seadreams sump-stands sport a flurry of red & white PVC and acrylic to position itself in the high end sump & filter space with the motif that was started by Royal Exclusiv and continued by Vertex Aquaristik. Clearly some of this red plastic trim is superfluous but it does create beautiful highlights in the sump space to delineate different devices, so it’s not just a blur of all white aquarium equipment.

Besides the Vertex Omega skimmer, everything else about the Seadreams is custom, with even a custom outflow diffuser for the protein skimmer, slotted drain pipes, well contained high and low water level float switches, and an elegantly cut lid specifically shaped to accomodate all the goodies inside.

We are completely enamored with this magnetic stirrer-driven kalk stirrer

Some other innovative features of the Seadreams sump include a compact biological filtration media chamber, and the device that really caught our eye is the unique kalkwasser reactor design. The Seadreams Kalk reactor uses a programmable magnetic stirrer bar that has a (presumably) splash proof, touch screen LCD display for really precise control of the stirring intensity and period.

This particular build by Reef Water is clearly a one-off build and installation but what a piece of aquarium machining art they have created. It’s so cool to see so many reefers and companies becoming inspired to elevate the presentation of the outside of the aquarium, and we can’t wait to see what the reefing world will come up with next. [Reef Water]

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