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    Whether or not you are a fan of hip hop or rap music, this conscious music video from Leopazzo is a very thoughtful creation about how addicting and engaging reef aquariums can be. There’s lots to be learned from Leo’s Gift of Gab – from live rock and sand, leds to T5s, and the experience that we all share in the great adventure of reefkeeping.

    The reef aquarium hobby is such a powerful attraction to those who are biologically and technically inclined, there’s lots there to be drawn to, and so many facets that each of us can explore in our ways. It’s been a long while since we’ve been bit by the marine aquarium bug, but it is all that much more entertaining to hear about a grown man’s newfound passion for such delicate and helpless marine animals, under his aquarium caretaking.

    This Reef Tank Addition video was made by a reefer who goes by Leopazzo, and when he’s not laying down sick reefing rhymes, he’s got a YouTube channel of his own where he inspires others to really get into the aquarium hobby. If you know someone in the reefing hobby, definitely share this with them so they can smile at the fact that reefing has now intersected with hip hop.

    Reef Tank Addiction - Leopazzo ft JM (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) - YouTube
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