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    There’s plenty of f online tang loggers but Reef Tank Pro is one of the first polished apps we’ve seen for the iPhone and iPad which is especially well suited to monitoring reef aquarium parameters. If you have just one tank to log and monitor you can use the Reef Tank Pro app for personal log of what your reef baby is doing, but you can also keep tabs on multiple tanks. We can see the multiple tank-logging feature being especially useful to aquarium professionals; public aquariums, aquarium service techs and LFS who want to keep tabs of the various tanks they manage can have all the stats on their iPhone or iPad in order to stay intimately in touch with the aquariums they maintain.

    The only killer feature missing from the Reef Tank pro app that we can see so far is being able to share your whole tank proflie with other Reef Tank Pro users, or better yet a way to synchronize them in the cloud. With a sharing feature you could quickly send over the parameters of your tank to someone with whom you are consulting and with the cloud-synching feature a manager of an aquarium service company could easily see what the different reef and fish tanks are doing as the field technicians monitor and log what the various accounts are doing. The Reef Tank Pro app has just about every value you could think of testing, and it is available in the iOS App Store for $5.

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