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Discussion in 'Beginner Discussions' started by Gavin Barberini, 9 Jul 2014.

  1. Gavin Barberini

    Gavin Barberini

    25 Jun 2014
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    Gauteng - Benoni
    Hi Butcherman
    I am interested in the cost and availability of the reef tank monitor the display of which is linked to your responses. Do you get an ecotech system that is compatible with my ecotech kit and how much. I would also be interested to know how much you paid for yours.

    Further do you do online dosing? I am new to the hobby and I have at least stopped killing my fish. I seem to not be killing my softies but the hard coral lasts a month or so and dies. I have a 1.8m x 0.8 x 0.8 tank with a 1.75x0.5x0.3 sump. Within I have a Reef Octopus 160xs skimmer a bio pellet reactor, a phosphate reactor and a refugium. My lights are 2x radion xr30w leds.

    Been dosing to bring up my mg and ca which are just coming inline (Ca 380ppm) Mg no test kit yet. kH 10 degrees, pH 8.3, NO3 - 0, NO2 -0, phosphates tend to be around 1ppm but I have cut my feeding (Down from 10) SG 1.0245

    My tank came online September last year, some signs of coralline algae starting

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  3. dallasg

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    14 Dec 2008
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    monitors dont make life easier IMHO, they make one lazy in the beginning :)
    Ecotech do not make any monitoring equipment yet.

    as for dosing, on a large tank i would suggest a calcium reactor and kalk, but that all depends on your coral selection and stocking levels. for now manually dosing should suffice, your lighting to me seems to be the cause of your hard coral death, i run 2 of those on a 1250x1000x500 and its barely enough. maybe supplement with T5's or add more LEDs

    the goal is stability
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