RSS Reef tank by Furious Fish captures the ethos of focused fish and coral aquariums

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    Mr. Furious Fish is an aquarist after our own reefing heart, as demonstrated in this simple reef aquarium which is more fish and coral than it is reef. With a bare minimum of live rock to support his corals, the display of Furious Fish is mostly dominated by a view of active fish, lots of happy healthy corals, no sand and hardly any live rock visible in the main aquarium.

    Indeed the left side of Furious Fish’s aquarium is almost a continuous field of corals with hardly any ‘reef’ visible beneath it. Despite this lowered ecology like EcoReef Zero, the fish and corals in this aquarium appear to be in prime health, and it brings a tear to our eye to see that someone else is also ditched the philosophy of keeping pet rocks and pet sand in order to sustain the animals we really want, the corals and the fish.[Acuaristica]
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