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    Reef Savvy is an upscale reef tank builder based out of South Florida who is in such high demand that they’ve asked us not to write about them, until now. Reef Savvy is showing off several of their high clarity rimless aquarium with coast to coast overflows and unbelievable build quality. Two of the aquariums that Reef Savvy is showing off were preordered by locals but one large showpiece tank is being raffled off for $100 tickets. The 48 inch 125 gallon aquarium is built to the nines with three sides of Diamante glass, classy black silicone with seams and joints that are museum quality in their perfection. Reef Savvy is holding this unique raffle to let one lucky MACNA attendee take this aquarium home, but the raffle will only move forward if 25 tickets are sold with only a maximum of 50 tickets so the odds will be very, very good. Check out the pictures after the break including a full rundown of what the prize is and what all comes with it.
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