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8 May 2007
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Reef Safe SunCare, the biodegradable sunscreen that doesn’t negatively impact reefs and oceans like regular sunscreen, is set to start selling its products in plant-derived bio-resin bottles.

We covered Reef Safe SunCare five years ago, and we are happy to see them continuing on in this direction. The parent company, Tropical Seas explored this method after receiving samples of the new bio-resin bottles last year. After being filled with the sunscreen and put through and passed stability studies, the company decided to move forward with the new bottles.

“We are extremely gratified to have discovered bottling for our products that is bio-based and renewable, as it continues to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. We have been researching plant-derived bio-resins for our packaging for the past several years,” said Dan Knorr, president and CEO of Tropical Seas. “Following numerous test trials we finally found a 100% bio-based high density polyethylene (HDPE) resin made from plant-based feedstock that is a renewable alternative to petrochemical based HDPE resins. Since the new packaging uses 90% less energy and emits 75% less greenhouse gases when processing, this 100% bio-based HDPE packaging has a negative carbon footprint from harvest to production here at Tropical Seas.”

The new Reef Safe SunCare bottles are set to hit stores next month.

[via Deeper Blue]
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