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    HI All

    Picked this list off one of the many websites on the world wide web, thought I should share it and see how many changes can be made or how many are not considered reef safe for all of us beginners

    If there are some fish missing or not on please add!


    Swallowtail Angelfish Moderate Peaceful
    lamarck's Angelfish moderate peaceful


    Dispar Anthias moderate peaceful
    Lyretail Anthias moderate peaceful
    Parvirostris Anthias moderate peaceful
    Red Fairy Anthias moderate peaceful
    Randall's Anthias moderate peaceful
    Pale-Bar Anthias moderate peaceful


    Royal Gramma Basslet Easy peaceful


    Bicolor Blenny easy peaceful
    Black Sailfin Blenny moderate peaceful
    Midas Blenny easy peaceful
    Sailfin/Algae Blenny easy peaceful
    Harptail Blenny easy peaceful venomous
    Horned Blenny moderate peaceful
    Horseface Blenny moderate peaceful
    Black & Yellow Blenny easy peaceful
    Tail Spot Blenny easy peaceful
    Starry Blenny easy peaceful
    Linear Blenny easy peaceful
    Segmented Sailfin Blenny easy peaceful
    One Spot Blenny easy peaceful
    Ember Blenny moderate peaceful


    Yellow Pyramid Butterfly easy peaceful

    Copperband Butterfly that is very popular, is not reef safe. It is commonly used to control aiptasia but it is prone to pick at corals if it is not well fed.


    Spotted Cardinalfish easy peaceful
    Longspine Cardinalfish easy peaceful


    Blue Reef Chromis easy peaceful
    Blue/Green Reef Chromis easy peaceful


    Ocellaris Clownfish moderate peaceful
    Ocellaris Clownfish(tank-bred)easy peaceful
    Teardrop Ocellaris Clownfish moderate peaceful


    Zebra Barred Dartfish easy peaceful
    Firefish easy peaceful
    Firefish, Purple easy peaceful
    Scissortail Dartfish easy peaceful


    Jade Filefish moderate peaceful


    Diamond Watchman Goby easy peaceful sandsifter
    Two Spot Goby moderate peaceful sandsifter
    Tiger Watchman Goby easy peaceful sandsifter
    Engineer Goby moderate peaceful sandsifter
    Sleeper Blue Dot Goby moderate peaceful sandsifter
    Sleeper Railway Glider Goby easy peaceful sandsifter
    Sleeper Striped Goby easy peaceful sandsifter
    Yellow Watchman Goby easy peaceful
    Hi Fin Red Banded Goby moderate peaceful
    Orange Spotted Goby easy peaceful
    Steinitz Goby easy peaceful
    Bluespotted Watchman Goby easy peaceful
    Wheeler's Watchman Goby easy peaceful
    Pinkbar Goby easy peaceful
    Yashia White Ray Shrimp Goby easy peaceful
    Diagonal Bar Prawn Goby easy peaceful
    Tangaroa Goby easy peaceful
    Black Barred Convict Goby easy peaceful
    Catalina Goby moderate peaceful
    Cave Transparent Goby easy peaceful
    Clown Goby, Black easy peaceful coral disturber
    Clown Goby, Brown easy peaceful coral disturber
    Clown Goby, Citrinis easy peaceful coral disturber
    Clown Goby, Green easy peaceful coral disturber
    Clown Goby, Yellow easy peaceful coral disturber
    Court Jester Goby easy peaceful
    Gold Line Goby easy peaceful
    Golden Neon Goby moderate peaceful
    Greenbanded Goby easy peaceful
    Griessingei Goby easy peaceful
    Hector's Goby easy peaceful
    Masked Goby easy peaceful
    Neon Blue Goby easy peaceful
    Neon Gold Goby easy peaceful
    Neon goby easy peaceful
    Neon Gold Goby easy peaceful
    Red Head Goby moderate peaceful
    Red Striped Goby easy peaceful
    Trimma Goby easy peaceful
    Yellow Priolepis Goby easy peaceful
    Gold Neon Eviota Goby easy peaceful
    Blue Striped Dwarf Goby easy peaceful


    Black Cap jawfish moderate peaceful
    Dusky jawfish easy peaceful
    Yellowhead jawfish moderate peaceful


    Striped Pseudochromis easy peaceful


    Gumdrop Coral Croucher easy peaceful C. Distur. venomuos


    Black Seahorse moderate peaceful Slow feeder
    Great seahorse moderate peaceful Slow Feeder

    Blue Tang Easy peaceful
    Naso Tang Moderate peaceful
    Sailfin Tang Moderate peaceful
    Scopas Tang Moderate peaceful
    Kole Yellow Eye Tang Moderate peaceful
    Convict Tang moderate peaceful
    Orangeshoulder Tang moderate peaceful
    Naso Blonde Tang moderate peaceful
    Blue Unicorn Tang moderate peaceful
    Bristletooth Tomini Tang moderate peaceful
    Two Spot Bristletooth Tang moderate peaceful

    Six Line Wrasse easy peaceful
    Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse easy peaceful
    Exquisite Wrasse easy peaceful
    Radiant Wrasse easy peaceful
    Mystery Wrasse easy peaceful
    Lineatus Fairy Wrasse easy peaceful
    Labout's Fairy Wrasse easy peaceful
    Orange-Back Fairy Wrasse easy peaceful
    McCosker's Flasher Wrasse easy peaceful


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