RSS Reef Raft USA plans to set the coral market on fire with some super hot corals.

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    On Friday in Southern California, Reef Raft USA is having its grand opening. In Orange County California, the local fish store market is very competitive. * This area has the highest concentration of aquarium stores in the entire country.

    In the midst of a slumping economy, it certainly does not seem like the right time to build a new local fish store. * Those things, however, did not deter the operators fo Reef Raft USA from taking the risk in jumping into the reef aquarium business with both feet.

    LPS-displays.jpg LPS/Softie coral system

    Eye-level-tanks-for-kids-Lookdown-for-adults.jpg Eye level tanks for little kids, while us big kids get top down views!

    Reef Raft USA all started when local high-end coral collector, Tony Huynh, wanted to set up a 900 gallon 120 x 72 x 24 inch display in his home. When his wife declined the idea, it was suggested that he set up a shop to sell corals and set up the display tank there. Reef Raft USA is not your typical LFS. They are a branch of the high end coral wholesaler Reef Raft in Canada. Like Ali’s Amazing Aquariums and Reefs, Reef Raft USA is exclusively targeting the high-end coral market.

    900-gallon-display.jpg 900 gallon display tank


    Reef Raft USA unique in so many ways. First, they are running a1200 gallon retail outfit and a 1000 gallon wholesale outfit under the same roof. This enables Reef Raft USA to spread these hot corals all across the nation. Second, under the tutelage of Reef Raft Canada, they are supplied by their own collectors in Indonesia and Australia who hand pick each and every rare coral in their store. Finally, the biggest difference of all, this store carries no dry goods. That’s right, no supplements, no aquariums, no equipment! Just a few specialty fish and quite possibly the nations hottest collection of high end corals around!

    Reef Raft USA grand opening begins Friday February 17 at 10:00 pm. *No you did not read it wrong, they are having a midnight madness sale for the Grand opening! *You too can join in on the action at:

    Reef Raft USA

    7653 Garden Grove Blvd

    Garden grove CA 92841

    SoCals-best-fraggers-adding-to-the-collection.jpg SoCals best fraggers helping to add to the collection

    Ultra-premium-chalice-collection.jpg Wicked chalice collection

    Acanthastrea-lordhowensis.jpg Acan and favia collection

    Australomussa-rowleyensis.jpg 5 or more colors on one coral are the norm at this LFS



    SPS-system.jpg SPS system

    SPS-corals-2.jpg SPS corals

    SPS-corals-frags.jpg SPS corals & frags

    Colorful-LPS-corals.jpg Colorful LPS corals

    Colorful-LPS-corals-3.jpg More colorful LPS corals


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