Reef Octopus ZF-140

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    12 Nov 2012
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    Manzini / Swaziland
    Hi all

    i recently bought one of this guys from a fellow reefer, the reactor is in perfect shape and the pump is working really well. The problem i have is that i don't know anything about such reactors and i'm not really sure how to use it.
    my questions are.
    1) what media i can have running with the reactor (i would like to use bio-cubes or pellets)
    2) what is the minimum quantity of media i can put in ( i was planning for a 400L system but due to lack of space i'll have to setup the reactor on aprox. 200L or a bit less system)
    3) what is the white pipe for.. oxygen, ozone or dossing

    i would appreciate all advise you can give me.. if all goes well in about a week or two i'll be setting up my new tank :)

    there is a picture of the reactor



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