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    Usually when a protein skimmer overflows, the cause is due to some easily preventable circumstances. Apparently, CoralVue loathes the spillage of that nasty funk that comes out of protein skimmers as much as we do, and they’re bringing a one-two punch of weapons against overflowing skimmers by Reef Octopus

    First on the docket is a fully fledged protein skimmer waste collector with an automatic shut-off valve. The Reef Octopus waste collector comes in two sizes, a 4 inch and a 6 inch diameter model which hold 6 and 15 cups of skimmate respectively.

    Both models include a well-equipped lid with a built-in float switch for shutting off the skimmer when the high ‘water’ level is reached. The final touch is a big air filter cup that you can fill with activated carbon for preventing the escape of the nasty stench of the liters of skimmate that the waste collectors,*collect.*


    The more creative device from Reef Octopus that CoralVue is bringing to market is a novel delayed timer for in-sump protein skimmer. When the power goes out, as you know, the water from your aquarium all flows back into the sump creating a water level that is much higher than what your protein skimmer is set for.

    When the power to your aquarium is restored, the in-sump protein skimmer finds itself in much deeper water than it is set for, and it invariably overflows, with foam and scum going everywhere, and the worst part is when all that exported nutrient goes right back into the aquarium water. Eeeewwww!

    If you are standing there when the power is restored, you could easily turn off your protein skimmer until proper water level is restored in the sump. But more likely is that all of this power interruption and restoration will happen while you are away.

    The ingenious CoralVue – Reef Octopus Delay Timer simply keeps the power disconnected to the protein skimmer for a period of five minutes at which point, the normal water level of your sump should be restored. The peace of mind of not having skimmer overflowing due to power interruption is available with the Delay Timer for just $49, a good investment for reefers with in-sump skimmers and small sumps. [CoralVue]

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