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    CoralVue has released stackable neck extensions for Reef Octopus protein skimmers giving you the ability to improve your current skimmer by adjusting the dwell time or to allow for higher internal water height settings. We saw a prototype of these modular neck extensions last year on the LSS Laboratory blog and it is nice to see these finally on the market.*

    Closeup-e1343861731638.jpg Coming in three different heights — 2, 3 and 3 1/2 in. — the stackable neck*extensions*allow you to add as many as needed to get the desired height you need. As mentioned above, the benefits of having a taller skimmer would be to increase the dwell time to increase contact with dissolved organics for increased filtration. Maybe you would like to add more water height in your sump and/or skimmer, slap a few of these on an instantly add more height to your

    These extensions are designed to extent the neck of Reef Octopus skimmer to achieve greater improvements in filtration and refined control. By adding onto the length of your skimmers neck you increase dwell time achieving greater contact time with dissolved organics and allow for higher internal water height settings. This is an easy way to upgrade the performance of an existing Reef Octopus skimmer without having to purchase a new skimmer.

    The following neck sizes will fit the respective skimmers listed below:

    • Neck 110 (2 in.):*SRO-1000INT, XP-1000INT, XP-1000EXT, NW-110B, DNW-110B
    • Neck 150 (2 in.):*SRO-2000INT, SRO-1000EXT, NW-150B, DNW-150B
    • Neck 160 (3 in.):*DDNW-150B, Diablo-160XS
    • Neck 170 (3 in.):*SRO-2000EXT, XP-2000INT, SSS-1000INT, XP-1000SSS
    • Neck 200 (3 in.):*SRO-3000INT, SRO-3000EXT, XP-2000SSS, XP-2000EXT, NW-200B, DNW-200B, XP-3000INT, XP-3000EXT, XP-3000SSS, Diablo-200XS, SSS-2000INT
    • Neck 250 (3 in.):*SRO-5000INT, SRO-5000EXT, SSS-5000INT, NW-250B, DDNW-250B, XP-5000INT, XP-5000EXT, Diablo-250XS
    • Neck 300 (3 1/2 in.):*SRO-6000EXT, TDNW-300-6530B
    We aren’t sure exactly how much these will cost but considering the cost of a larger skimmers, it will be nominal.
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    wow, thats clever...
    providing you have the head height space available

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