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    The Professional Open Volute (POV) from Reef Octopus is the latest protein skimmer to feature a DC pump. With a space saving design, and internal DC pump it strongly reminds us of the new semi-pipeless Skimz Monzter VSC series we covered merely a couple days ago but what it really reminds us of the RLSS DB10i skimmer. Like the RLSS DB10i skimmer the Reef Octopus Professional Open Volute (or simply POV) skimmer offers an integrated volute design. It is a novel concept, but it is a great design and other companies coming up with their own spin off shows just how good the idea was.

    For those not familiar with the integrated volute design, the volute cover of the pump has been replaced by the bubble diffuser a merge of two essential parts so to say. This achieves several things obviously water flow would be increased since there is no unnecessary parts blocking flow, and there is the benefit of less parts, not to mention that it looks cool. It is a great idea so we’re excited that other companies are also catching up, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Reef Octopus will not be the only company releasing new skimmers with an integrated volute design. The Reef Octopus POV skimmers will be available in three models the POV-DC1 which will rock a Waveline 3500 DC pump, the POV-DC2 which will rock a Waveline 5500 DC pump and the POV-DC3 which will also rock a Waveline 5500 DC pump. Respectively the skimmers will be rated for 200, 400, and 500 gallons. Pricing is unknown, but expect the skimmers to release early 2013.


    Reef-Octopus-Proffesional-Open-Volute-6.jpg Reef-Octopus-Proffesional-Open-Volute-5.jpg Reef-Octopus-Proffesional-Open-Volute-4.jpg Reef-Octopus-Proffesional-Open-Volute-3.jpg

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    can we get a full shot of the thing please?

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