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    The Reef Octopur hang on Zeovit reactor joins a huge and growing stable of aquarium products from the Chinese company. With the high popularity of hang on back skimmers and media reactors, it’s no surprise that Zeovit reactors also received the hang on back reactor treatment. We’re actually a bit surprised that it has taken so long in the first place.

    Zeovit reactors with modified plumbing for hang on back use have been around forever, but no reactor intended for primarily hang on back use seem to ever have really been released. Fortunately Reef Octopus is finally stepping up to the plate with their hang on back Zeovit reactor. Considering that the reactor is still in its developing stages, details are still seriously lacking but we already have a pretty good impression of the reactor’s inner workings.

    It appears that water from the tank is pumped through the bottom and then drains from the top back into the system. The reactor also features a handle for stirring your zeolites, which is of course vital to maintaining a stable Zeovit system. Rods sticking out of the stirring pipe serve to increase stirring power. The intake is outfitted with a hose adapter so you can attach your desired pump with soft pluming for noise reduction and easier removal. The outtake pipe appears to have an air hole to prevent the chance of a siphon occurring.

    Two schedule 80 unions should furthermore make removing the pump and or the reactor easier. There appears to be a lack of thumb screws or even a screw on lid, and this Reef Octopus hang on Zeovit reactor seems to rely on a simple o-ring compression fitting instead. This design should make replacing you zeovit stones a breeze, and considering that the lid will be above the water level the risk of leaks should not be a concern.

    Rather than the traditional bent acrylic lip the Reef Octopus Zeovit reactor uses a more adjustable screw thumb lip to suspend it from the aquarium. The flat acrylic back panel rather than a round back furthermore should make installation a breeze. Release date is scheduled to be around October, although the reactor might be limited to Japan. Retail pricing is not yet known.

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