Reef Octopus DNW 150-6350

CB, just check the seal on the pump where the air line enteres the pump it will be better to replace that seal with an o ring. The seal tends to block off part of the air intake.
thanks Alan, i'll check. Got a whole wad of O-rings with the skimmer, use one of those? Also did you guys glue the pipes in place?
yeah Leslie, i've been lucky enough to meet some really FANTASTIC people since starting reef keeping!!

Ok guys the skimmer is in and plumbed, just waiting for the pvc weld to dry before water happens.

So what have I learned:

1) Converting FW tank to Marine isn't as easy as adding LR & salt.
2) Buying cheap is expensive.
3) Plan and do some more planning on new tank.
4) Reefer charges me according to what car I use to go to his shop.
5) Don't swop camera for rifle... no not ever :2guns:
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Hey Copperband.. I stressed for weeks choosing the right skimmer.. went from a ViaAqua to a Weipro to the Octo 150.. good choice !
Muz I wasn't that unhappy with my weipro untill it broke but i'm 100% sure the Octo is going to be 500000000 times better. I've already made up my mind I want a 4 pump Octo for my new tank. First saw it at Carl's place, what a way cool party trick lol
Yeah I saw pics of the 4 pump.. man that is Awesome.. but probably big dosh! I am thinking of going back to the Weipro for my QT, thank goodness my son is bugging me for a marine tank... YAY ME.. so i am putting the QT in his room and telling him it is his own baby ! - just another excuse for another tank in the house.. the miss has just approved my biggest mission yet but it is under wrapps until the building renovations then the big reveal ( give me a year )



Who is Carl?
Carl vd Merwe, JHB based member on here and on SARK. Just a mental note, QT tanks should be for QT. Why don't you do a nano or something like that for your son? I can just imagine him falling over laughing when Dad rips out his fish for the main display.
I suppose bacause with guys like us it just tends to become overboard, I already have 3 tanks now and I took out 3 FW tanks late last year.. the electricity bill is climbing and a 1 hour cleanup on Sat is now turning into a whole Sat.. trips to 2 Oceans, and naturally all the wonderful LFS we have that deserve my support and adequate OOOOH's and AAAAH's with nose pressed against the glass. So instead of a QT in the garage i thought why not give it to the boy.. he's only 7 he don't know the difference.. yet!

I have a question.. a QT should be a tank that is up and running all the time.. yeah ! well i assume you need a stable tank to put the new purchase in, so if it is running all the time why not use it as a show tank as well, just with occupants that come and go every 3 weeks?

because sooner than later your up and running QT tank will end up being a show tank and you'll be without a QT tank. Experience lol
Ok that will be tonight.


I'll get some pics up when its working.

Dude, what pipes are you PVC welding?? I just hand tightened everything and Huzzah !!

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