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    The march of the DC controllable skimmer pumps is in full swing, with the Reef Octopus DC-X being one of the first to market with the new open volute design. You may recall that towards the end of last year there was a flurry of new DC skimmers announced with an open volute style pump, and the reef Octopus DC-X can be considered the*precursor*to the CoralVue Professional Open Volute skimmer.

    B-Box Aquarium in Japan is the first company to get its hands on the exciting Reef Octopus DC-X skimmer, and they’ve been kind enough to produce and upload a video of the new skimmer in action. If the footage looks familiar that’s because the DC-X from Reef Octopus takes a generous helping of inspiration from the DB10i from Reef Life Support Systems.

    Like we saw before, the unique placement of the needle wheel pump inside the body with an open volute towards the base of the skimmer makes for an extremely dense production of air bubbles. The new video shows how the Reef Octopus DC-X becomes filled with the foamy mix of air and saltwater to a degree that we could hardly have imagined a few years ago.

    The North Americanized CoralVue POV skimmer is expected to be released in “early 2013″ but a firmer date has not been divulged. With the Reef Octopus/CoralVue partnership known for high performance goods at affordable price points, we expect that the DC-X and POV skimmers will be extremely popular for a wide range of different marine aquarium applications.

    [Aquarium Goods] ReefOctopus DC-X Series / リーフオクトパス DC-Xシリーズ - YouTube
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    When will these skimmers be in sa?

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