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    Looks like Reef Octopus is toying around with the notion of an internal nano protein skimmer. Dubbed the Reef Octopus Cupid, the skimmer is mounted internally and uses an open bottom to the reaction chamber with the typical red acrylic touches we’ve come to know from the Chinese company. The Reef Octopus Cupid also is using a new Bubble Blaster OTP-300s pump.

    In the video shared by a Reef Octopus employee, the new skimmer measures in around 3 in. in diameter and 13 in. in height. The Bubble Blaster pump is mounted inside the tank and on the side of the reaction chamber. It appears you can adjust the water level my loosening some nylon bolts and adjusting the mounting plate.

    The open bottom approach allows for easy access to the tank water without the need for a feed pump but with the amount of bubbles that Bubble Blaster pumps produce, it may be a challenge to keep the microbubbles inside the reaction chamber and not inside the tank. This could be easily controlled with an air valve on the air intake tubing going into the pumps venturi.

    We are sure there will be some tweaks to the design and maybe even exploring using a smaller pump as the Reef Octopus Cupid gets closer to production. No word on when this will be available in a production model or how much it should cost.
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