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8 May 2007
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Reef Octopus has come a long way since their early days of making and selling protein skimmers. Reefers used to buy Reef Octopus skimmers because they couldn’t afford a Euro Reef or ATB skimmer, but nowadays you’d be hard pressed to find dissatisfied users of the new breed Reef Octopus Classic, Super Space Saver and other models of their protein skimmers.

The new fit and finish on the Classic line of Reef Octopus skimmers looks like a million bucks, with some great new models of Classic cone shaped skimmers, as well as Super Space Saver models. The new look of black and red acrylic and plastic looks incredibly attractive, and the pricing on these models makes them one of the best value in the reef aquarium market today.

The Reef Octopus Classic 150 Super Space Saver on the left outfitted with an automatic neck cleaner, and a smaller Classic 110 SSS on the right.

The Reef Octopus 150-SSS and 110-SSS have a completely cylindrical body design with a flush fitting cup that gives them a unique look. These skimmers clearly took a page from the Bubble King Mini, and the Aquatrance pump powering them is in a different league than the Red Dragon Mini, but the super affordable price point stands apart as well.

A Classic 110 SSS by Reef Octopus will set you back just $225 and is suitable for tanks up to 130 gallons. Meanwhile the Reef Octopus 150 SSS only costs $264, retains the tiny footprint and it can handle tanks up to 180 gallons with a medium sized bioload. And if you’re feeling particularly lazy or really want to automate your foam fractionation, there’s an automatic neck cleaner available for both of the Clasic Super Space Saver protein skimmer models, costing $145 for the 150 SSS, and $160 for the larger lidded Octo 150 SSS.

[See image gallery at] If you want to step up one level of protein skimmer performance within the Reef Octopus Classic line, the Classic 152-S and 202-S enjoy a larger reaction volume, a classic tapering wine-glass cone body and larger powered Aquatrance pumps. These larger Classic skimmers from Reef Octopus are also easy on the wallet, with the 152-S topping out at $259 and the bigger Classic 202-S priced at $329.

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