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    BioChurn Biopellet reactors are the latest biopellet reactors released by Reef Octopus through their US distributor CoralVue. The new line of BioChurn Biopellet reactors externally look externally very similar to other reactors, but promise advanced design that allows a more stable contact time and less pressure. How exactly the BioChurn reactors achieve their promised improvements we’re not entirely sure, but a quick glance at videos of these reactors in actions seem to suggest that at least something is working.

    The BioChurn Biopellets reactor line comes in three distinct series: a commercial series, a hobbyist size series and an external series. The Commercial series comes in three commercial sized models, the BR-05T, BR-20T and BR-150T. The hobbyist sized series comes in six hobbyist size reactors ranging from the AQ-90HOB to the largest AQ-1800. The external series come in a 150 and 170 variation. Check out a video of the 20T below along with some additional pictures of the reactors. Pricing is not yet known, but expect them to show up at CoralVue soon.

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