RSS Reef Octopus also jumping on the DC bandwagon with their new Diablo DC Skimmers

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    Reef Octopus is now also jumping on the DC pump bandwagon with their improved Diablo Skimmers. The DC pump of choice for Reef Octopus? You guessed it, the all so*familiar*Waveline DC pumps.*Interesting timing as seems just mere minutes since we covered the ATB Airstar controllable DC pump this morning. We made the case that DC pumps will be taken over pumps in within the next couple of years, but at this rate the DC pump take over might be a whole lot sooner. The Reef Octopus Diablo skimmer are the premium line of Reef Octopus skimmers, so it is an only logical upgrade, but it is quite interesting *that the new line is*announced*today. Maybe there is a little race going on between skimmer producers who can release their DC skimmers soonest?

    Like we mentioned above, Reef Octopus has also decided to go with Waveline DC pumps.*Instead*of modifying the Waveline pumps, as is the case with the ATB Airstar, Reef Octopus appears to have instead decided to go with stock pumps however. This means a smaller volute than the ATB Airstar, but the actual difference between the performance has yet to be tested. Either way, both pumps should perform more than satisfactory. Why all skimmer companies are using the same pump is not entirely clear, but one thing is for sure, Waveline is doing some great business. Now the only real question is how the price points between all these different skimmers using the same pumps will compare. Pricing of the Reef Octopus Diablo skimmers is yet to be*announced, but we should find out soon enough. *More info on the new skimmers can be found on the CoralVue website (US*distributor*of Reef Octopus products).



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