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    Reef Nutrition has added TDO Chroma Boost to its APBreed line of products. The product itself is not new, rather Reef Nutrition is now adding the top-dressed TDO to its lineup with new packaging and labeling to make it easier to feed and choose the right product for your needs.

    TDO Chroma Boost is a food for larval fish that is top dressed with*Haematococcus (a rich*astaxanthin*source*), natural feed stimulants and a natural immune-stimulant. The new bags feature a spout to make it easier to dispense and keep the product fresh. The clearer labeling promotes the size of the food coming in small granule (SM), medium pellet (MD) and large pellet (LG).

    Those of you familiar with the TDO will know the A-B-C numbered approach on the label could be a bit confusing and the clearer labeling will help the consumer find the product they need. For those of you looking for the old nomenclature, these products will still be available in the previous printed labeled bags without the spout.

    If you’re going to be in Denver for Reef Stock this weekend, make sure to stop by the Reef Nutrition booth for more information and enter for a chance to win some of these in the raffle.

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