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    The design of the new Reef LED Lights T-slot heatsink is very simple, it really is just a heatsink with “t-slots” as the name implies. But just because something is simple, doesn’t mean it is worth some closer inspection. The*Reef LED Lights T-slot heatsink is designed for the easiest possible DIY LED installation. Just slide in the LED chips, and tighten the nut. Not need for drilling holes or massive amounts of tape, which is really something you don’t want to deal with if you don’t have to. Combined with quick connectors building your own fixture really doesn’t seem that daunting.


    The*Reef LED Lights heatsinks can be purchased individually, or can be ordered with a Reef Optics housing for a finished fixture look. Pricing ranges from $42.68 for the 12” model all the way up to $155.72 for the 48” model. The T-slot Reef LED Lights heatsink measures 8.46 thick and each heatsink comes with necessary screws.* If you are interested in building your own LED fixture, check out the T-slot heatsinks here.
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    Man...they are making it so easy for DUMMY'S like me..:p..I really don't have any excuse for not trying my hands at a DIY LED Light Fixture..:thumbup:

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