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    The Evolution LEDs have come a long way since their first release. When we first covered the Evolution LEDs fixtures in 2010 they were brainless boxes with loud fans and an inefficient heatsink design, but it is clear they have morphed into something entirely different. The Evolution Touch Screen LED fixtures are still OEM, and yes several other*re-sellers*sell the exact same fixture (with some slight modifications/different LEDs) claiming it as their own, but that should certainly in no way take away from the fixture it self. If anything it is a sign how much LED lighting has progressed, now that the “non cutting edge” side of LED fixtures are starting to rock advanced controls.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    The video does a good job explaining all the features, but here are they again once more below. The fixture comes in three models the Evo100 TS, Evo150 TS, and Evo200 TS which each measure 18 inches, 20 inches and 24 inches respectively. Each model measuring 8 inches wide by 3.25 inches thick. The Evo100 TS rocks 15-460nm blue epistar LEDs, 15 450nm blue epistar LEDs, 16 6500K White epistar LEDs, two Green Epistar LEDs and two Red Epistar LED’s. The Evo150 TS rocks 22 460nm blue Epistar LEDs, 23 450nm blue Epistar LEDs, 24 6500K White Epistar LEDs,* three Green Epistar LEDs, and three Red Epistar LEDs. Lastly the Evo200 uses 30 460nm blue Epistar LEDs, 30 450nm blue Epistar LEDs, 32 6500K White Epistar LEDs, four Green Epistar LEDs, and four Red Epistar LEDs. Each 3 watt Epistar LED diode is run at 2 watts maximum, and the green and reds are on the same channel as white. Each LED has an individual 90 degree lens. These fixtures have around for a while now, and are available for purchase on the Reef Koi Website.
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