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    I'm trying to decide whether to use my pellet reactor or not. I'm drawn to the All-in-one biopellets, but not much to research on its actual performance in our tanks long term.
    What do you guys suggest?

    My tank has been running since 26-08-2014.
    Cycle was about done 2 weeks ago.
    Last PO4 reading - 0.25
    Last NO3 reading - <5
    No NO4/NH4/NO2

    No visible algae. I only saw fine green algae forming in a 60mm diameter on a piece of LR, which only lasted 3 days during the cycle. Other than that, no diatom/algae bloom at all.
    Only LS is 2 Turbo snails and 2 blue legged hermit crabs.
    Have about 10 green polyps growing out of LR in my DT. (I didnt put them there).
    Fishless (hundreds of pods that are multiplying)

    I have a 3 stage sump.
    Stage 1 -
    *Nylon filter socks
    *put some seeded ceramic rings at the bottom
    *Skimmer mounted above
    Stage 2 -
    *DSB(Bottom layer Caribsea seaflor-Mid layer Playpen sand-Top layer Fiji pink)
    *Lots of LRRubble
    Stage 3 -
    *3 bags of Seachem Renew and 1 Seachem Matrix
    *Return pump & heater

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