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    Dying to own a pair of Haemulon squamipinna Havaianas slippers? Are Yellow Tang fanny packs or assorted fish wholesaler collectible T-shirts gracing your closet? Want to secretly wear your LiveAquaria T-shirt while travelling but with fear of people judging? Listen, been there done that. If you want to take things one step further though, here’s a new range of fishy paraphernalia you probably don’t need but should still get anyway! 

    Introducing the BlueHarbor caricature collar pins. These metal trinkets come in a wide range of aquarium favourites such as Centropyge loricula, Forcipiger flavissima, Paracanthus hepatus and so many more. The little pins have been available for a while now, but we’ve been seeing some new designs lately. Born from the creative mind of Mr. Yasuyuki Tanaka, these fish badges are comically represented in caricature form and make for rather cute and whimsical apparel that you can pin directly onto your shirt collar, or wallet, or pencil box, or bag, or where ever you deem fit.

    [​IMG]BlueHarbor collar pins to go with BlueHarbor Polo-Ts.

    If you’re looking for a cute gift or just something fun to accessorise your reef apparel, then this pin would totally bling you up. Now you can totally add some pizzaz to your already snazzy BlueHarbor Polo-T if you have one. The pins are available for sale at BlueHarbor, Osaka. Overseas customers may request to have it sent the next time you make an order, be it fish or apparel related. Wanna be the biggest cheesiest fish geek in your town? Clip this on and get your fanny pack game on.

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