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    For a limited time Reef-Eden is offering a special 25% off promotion on the Giesemann FUTURA-S series lighting for customers in the UK. Offering one of the highest output-to-power consumption ratios, combined with one of the best coverage areas compared to similarly priced systems, the Giesemann FUTURA-S series delivers one of the most stunning and advanced LED lighting solutions available to the discerning aquarist.

    Using the latest in CREE 5W LED technology, the FUTURA-S features true sub-400 nm UV emitters and seven colors across five independently controlled channels. Plus the FUTURA-S has virtually unlimited control and programming capacity via the dedicated software package developed by Giesemann featuring secure Bluetooth control.

    The FUTURA-S series represents the pinnacle of LED lighting for the home aquarium.The Futura-S series can be mounted via suspension kit, wall mount brackets, or a stylish aquarium mounting set making it compatible for virtually every situation. To make it easier, Reef-Eden is offering 25% off and including shipping from now until October 31, 2014, to make it as simple as possible. This special promotion is available through all approved Reef-Eden retailers, or you can contact Reef-Eden directly if you are can’t find a dealer in your area.

    For more information on this deal or to learn more about the Giesemann FUTURA-S, visit: FUTURA OFFERS

    Giesemann FUTURA - the highlights - YouTube
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