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    Simon Garratt has been busy lately and the latest news is Reef Eden International is not the UK distributor for Giesemann LEDs, aquariums and aquarium furniture in the UK. The news is welcoming to the UK reefing community having an Reef Eden being able to bring Giesseman’s quality products to stores and hobbyists within the country. If you are a UK LFS looking for more information, make sure to check out the Reef Eden International website for all the details. The full press release after the break.


    We are incredibly proud to announce our appointment as LED and Aquarium distributors for world renowned aquatic and lighting experts Giesemann Aquaristic.

    GIESEMANN are without question one of the most respected international brands in the aquatic hobby today, dealing worldwide in more than 50 countries. The company’s success is based on its wide product range, exquisite yet functional styling, impeccable reliability, and numerous technical achievements such as patents and registered designs.

    A number of GIESEMANN innovations have now turned into industry standards. using their own in-house research and development department they continuously work on new challenges and opportunities for improving both the technology and aesthetics that go into each and every one of their products.

    As a specialist manufacturer they concentrate solely on the aquatics market making them the benchmark innovator in many areas, relying on many years of experience, development and production all made at the their facility in Germany.

    As one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of lighting for aquariums and terrariums they enjoy a strong reputation as an international supplier of lighting technology. They have now expanded their product range to include a range of stunning high quality aquariums and aquarium furniture as well as technical equipment and accessories.

    We have been working busily behind the scenes and are now very pleased to be able to offer the full stunning range of Giesemann LED lighting, Aquariums and Aquarium furniture within the UK .

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