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    The Reef Dynamics filtersock adapter is a simple, but clever way to add a filter sock to your filtration line up. Simply attach the filtersock adapter to your skimmer, attach the filter sock to your adapter, and you’re all set, it is as simple as that. The filter sock adapter is really meant more as a temporary solution to reduce air bubbles and such escaping from your skimmer while you are still trying to figure out water levels, but we can also imagine the adapter to be very helpful for those dripping Linthanum chloride into their skimmer bodies as a way of phosphate removal. Since the “dust” resulting* from Lanthanum dosing is speculated to be harmful for fish and sponges, or at least irritable, using a fine filter sock after the skimmer is a good idea.

    There really isn’t much to the design of the Reef Dynamics post skimmer filtersock adapter, and we can imagine creative reefers building their own from basic plumbing supplies, but the beauty in this case lies in the simplicity. The adapter is currently available for sale on the Reef Dynamics webstore for $19.95, and will work for skimmer outlets 1 1/2 inches in diameter, which is the fast majority of skimmers (the rest of the world not using inches are out of luck on this one.)
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