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8 May 2007
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It’s been a long time coming but Reef Dynamics, the company formerly known as Euro Reef, has finally bitten the dust. Once a thriving and important mover and shaker in the marine aquarium hobby, Euro Reef AKA Reef Dynamics has been limping along for the last few years, and several months ago finally reached an impasse to its future.

Harkening back to the late nineties, Euro Reef is one of just a couple companies that really popularized the needle wheel protein skimmer. Needle wheel protein skimmers are so ubiquitous nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a time when all kinds of air injecting technologies were vying for supremacy in the reef hobby.

When Euro Reef first launched, needle wheel protein skimmers were a bizarre sideshow oddity, greatly outnumbered by venturi protein skimmers, downdraft and high speed aeration skimmers, and there were even more air-driven skimmers than needle wheels. Fast forward a couple decades and now needle wheels are firmly entrenched as the leading protein skimmer technology, for all but the super largest of foam fractionators. 

All along the way Euro Reef was a pioneer in many different aspects of protein skimmer design, being amont the first companies to use needle wheel Sedra pumps, developing Improved rotor shaft along the way, experimenting with Metal needle wheels, while also branching out to Biopellet reactor and Calcium Reactors.

The ride for Euro Reef hasn’t been without its bumps in the road, several years ago the company had to rename itself with a Shift from Euro Reef to Reef Dynamics, and even that enterprise had to relaunch at one point. While Euro Reef/Reef Dynamics is now officially out of business for good, it’s funny to think that some of the the heavy duty equipment they made along the way will be in use for decades to come.

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