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    The Reef Dart from Crystal Clear Aquatics is an interesting target feeding kit which the first of its kind that isn’t just a glorified turkey baster. We’re looking at you you Kent Marine Sea Squirt and Rio Coral Feeders. What makes the Reef Dart particularly well suited to do its job is a division of duties between the Reef Dart Phyto mini with syringe volume and tubing size chosen for feeding fine coral food, and the Reef Dart Mysis XL which can handle more meaty fare like Mysis. We hope this means Piscine Energetics Mysis because Hikari mysis is just barely a scoch bigger than brine shrimp.

    The syringes included in the Reef Dart target feeding kit feature quick disconnect fittings for easily swapping out to a clean or different size pipette. We’ve also gotten word that one entrepid aquarist who got their hands on an early sample was able to target feed an azoox coral by applying heat to the pipette and bending it into a hook shape. The Reef Dart target feeding kits are currently being distributed by Royal Pet Supplies but with the rising popularity of Azoox corals forum and livestock, we’ll probably be seeing these in finer fish stores around the country in no time. The Reef Dart -Phyto Mini will probably retail between $34.99 – $39.99 and the Reef Dart -Mysis XL will retail between $29.99 – $34.99.
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