RSS Reef Corner lands what might be the best looking Palythoa grandis we’ve ever seen

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    When most reefers think of Palythoa grandis, the images of bland, brownish polyps growing on the bottom of the tank that are not the prettiest things to look at come to mind. Of course there is a small minority, the word minority is key here,*of reefers that do appreciate their beauty and we happen to be some of them. These particular Palythoa grandis that just landed at the Dutch wholesale Reef Corner however throw any stereotypes you might have about these polyps out of the window. The green in these Palythoa grandis is actually green rather than a greenish shade of brown. The burgundy is actually burgundy rather than a reddish shade of brown. The sky blue is actually sky blue rather than beige. Simply put, we are blown away. We are obviously also quite jealous of the lucky European reefer that will receive these beauties, and can but hope that they will be propagated. Click through for more images.

    helkfjelka-150x150.jpg ajsdlkasj-150x150.jpg ajweljafek-150x150.jpg akejfladsjk-150x150.jpg

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