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    Some of you may have read my recent post about deciding when to reboot. For me, the time is now. My family is anticipating the arrival of another kid in a few months, and so there has been some shuffling of things around the house to make room.

    The first thing on the chopping block was my basement sump. I needed to free up the storage in the small unfinished space. Long story short, freeing up storage space would allow us to move a guest room to the basement and free up a bedroom upstairs for the new arrival.

    [​IMG]When faced with the idea of replumbing my reef to a traditional “in the stand” sump and considering the age of my glass tank, I figured now is the best time to rebuild. It would be an opportunity to take what I learned and change the things I would have done different. I figured I would share the journey with my ReefBuilder friends. With a new baby on the way, the timeline is tight. The goal is to get everything set up before the due date.

    Step one was ordering the tank and aquarium furniture: I already knew there wasn’t a standard tank out there that fit my wish list. My current tank is 180 gallons, so I knew I wanted the new tank to be at least the same volume or larger. That shortened the list of standard tank sizes significantly.

    One thing I absolutely hate is dual corner overflows! They take up a lot of real estate, look bad, and are annoying to plumb at opposite ends of each other. That brought me to the Deep Sea Aquatics(DSA) line of tanks. I noticed they had a 225-gallon tank with a single overflow, drilled with 3 drains and 2 returns. The tank seemed like a close fit to what I wanted. It is slightly larger than my current tank, affording me a little more volume and real estate. But I did have some things I wanted different.

    For one, I didn’t like that the overflow was hard to reach against the center back wall. I wanted the single overflow to be in the left rear corner, where I could easily access it.  I also preferred a smooth acrylic overflow instead the standard rough ABS they use(removing coralline on acrylic overflows is easier).

    Lastly, I wanted black silicone over clear. Working with the folks at Pure Reef, we worked up a request with DSA to build the 225 with my changes in mind. The hope was that turnaround time on the tank would be reasonable if I customized a standard tank size, versus going with a non-standard size. I’ve seen some examples of DSA’s work, and even owned a smaller tank of theirs for a while. I feel confident they will do a top notch job.

    Step two was the stand and canopy: I decided on a nice combo made by I made some requests here as well. They offered the option of a side door, which I opted for on the left where the overflow will reside. The side door will make plumbing less of a neck ache! I also decided to go with a 15″ canopy.  I typically go with open top systems and hanging lights. I like the ease of access and the added benefit of heat dissipation. However, I couldn’t ignore the glare of the bright lights hitting my young daughter’s eyes. And with kid #2 on the way, this will be a duplicate issue. So, canopy it is… One side benefit to the canopy is the ability to mix and match different lighting without making it look ugly. I like to tinker and experiment with lighting, so this will be a bonus.

    [​IMG]The canopy will fix the glare from intense lighting.

    Next up is Phase 2, planning out the filtration and lighting! And the patience of waiting on the aquarium to arrive. Hopefully everything arrives as expected.

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