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    We always try to showcase special reef aquariums on a weekly basis here at Reef Builders. Many of the tanks we have highlighted received attention because of their aquascape, rare fish, or beautiful corals. Some however received attention because they are unique systems, pushing the boundaries of the aquarium hobby as a whole. It is to these concept aquariums that we would like to dedicate this post too so if your Monday isn’t moving along as fast as you’d like or you’re sick of hearing about Hurricane Sandy, check out these unique concept marine aquarium systems.

    Halophila’s seagrass system

    With no equipment other than a single powerhead, Halophila’s seagrass system is definitely unconventional by any standard. With a stunning aquascape, lack of cluttering equipment, and most importantly the ease of maintenance, this is a system that should serve as an inspiration for anyone pursuing simplified reef keeping. Beside some basic water changes and supplements this seagrass tank runs itself, not to mention the tiny electric bill. Read up on all the juicy details in the post (link in title above).

    Scandinavian reefs

    Scandinavia is the last place that comes to mind when mentioning reefs, so it came to much surprise that there is actually a slew of reefers keeping local marine life. These systems might not be as bright and stocked with colorful fish as most tropical reef systems, but the unconventional livestock really adds to the coolness factor (no pun intended) of these biotopes. What is in particular surprising about these systems, is the variety of animals, especially since we half expected just a hand full of different species instead of the massive variety seen in some of these aquariums. Most of you are not likely to setup a Scandinavian biotope anytime soon, but these systems do show that there is still much to be explored in this hobby. Be sure to check them out in the posts (link above).

    Dave Lackland’s Reef Bowls

    The reef bowls have some of the most memorable shapes of any running reef aquarium we’ve come across. Build out of acrylic bubble chairs, both aquariums hold around 115 gallons when filled, creating giant reef bowls. The stocking of the reef bowls is appreciatively simple, with just a carpet anemone and filefish inhabiting one bowl, and basic reef organism inhabit the other.* A full run down on the system, including some of the obstacles encountered (fire anyone) can be found in the post (link above).

    Marcy’s non photosynthetic reef

    By now it should be no secret that we are big fans of azoox corals, but it not just for the non-photo’s that we like Marcy’s aquarium. We especially like the system because Marcy managed to stick with just a single family of corals (chili corals being an exception). All part of the Dendrophyllidea family, these corals are all share the meaty azoox polyp characteristic. As a result the different polyps size, and different shades of orange, red and yellow are much more apparent, which add a very subtle appeal to the beauty of the overall system. Full system specs, along with feeding information can be found in the post (link above).

    Philippe Grosjean’s drop off reef

    Drop off reefs for some reason always end up looking incredibly awesome, and Phillipe Grojean’s drop off reef is no different. The aquascape in this tank is just plain awesome, and we love the corals “hanging” over the edge of the drop off. Good sized corals, and a the nice stand only add more to this tank’s appeal. Anything you might want to know about the drop off system can be found in the post (link above).

    As different as these five systems might be, they all share the fact that they push our conventional definitions of aquariums while at the same time staying very pleasing to the eye. These aquariums highlighted above are just our personal favorites, but what have been your favorite concept aquarius we’ve covered here at Reef Builders? Feel free to leave your favorites in the comments below.
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    Some really interesting concepts here, I love non-photosynthetic reef!

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