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    The Soviet government has started enforcing a new law that gives it the power to block selective sites on the internet. We learned over the weekend that Reef Builders is blocked from inside Russia. *Users who try to reach us while in Russia receive a “page not found error” or other network page saying the site is blocked. *Originally, the new law was designed to block sites that the government deemed illegal or harmful to children but apparently they have expanded that to include aquariums, saltwater fish, and ocean reefs.

    Regulators inside Russia have asked popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to remove content they felt was objectionable with only YouTube fighting the request. According to the New York Times *“The video-sharing site complied with a Russian agency’s order to block a video that officials said promoted suicide. But YouTube filed a lawsuit in Russian court in February saying the video, showing how to make a fake wound with makeup materials and a razor blade, was intended for entertainment and should not be restricted.” Apparently building saltwater aquariums is also hazardous to your health.

    When trying to connect to Reef Builders inside of Russia users will be greeted with a message like the below informing users the site is not available.

    We’re reaching out to the Soviet government to lift this ridiculous ban. Thanks to all of our dear Russian readers for bringing this to our attention.

    russia-blocked.jpg Reef Builders blocked in Russia

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