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    Reef Brite has been busy adding more “oomph” to its arsenal of LED strip lights with the company’s upcoming Reef Brite XHO LED striplights. The XHO LED strips come in the black anodized finish and feature more 3W LEDs packed into the same footprint as the Reef Brite Tech lights. For example the Tech light has 12 LEDs in the 24 in. model but the ReefBrite XHO packs in 18 over the same length pushing 27W compared to the Tech’s 18W. The XHO LEDs use Reef Brite’s proprietary boards. Even though they contain the 3W LEDs, Reef Brite drives them at a lower power level giving you better longevity and overall performance. The Reef Brite XHO LED strips will be available in 15, 24, 30, 36, and 48 in. models and should start shipping at the end of April. More images after the break.
    reefbrite-xho-150x150.jpg reefbrite-xho1-150x150.jpg reefbrite-xho-2-150x150.jpg reefbrite-xho-3-150x150.jpg reefbrite-xho-4-150x150.jpg
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